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What Our Clients Are Saying

Here is what a SkinTrust client had to say about using the Keracell products:
Sharon M.
I have been going to Jill Stetson for the last seven years and have enjoyed & benefited greatly. I have been using the Keracell Anti-aging Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Cream, and Vitamin C serum. I highly recommend these products!!!
Here is what SkinTrust clients have to say about all of our products and services:
Patricia B.
I always have the best facials. It is so nice to have the one on one experience. Jill answers all of your questions and takes her time. She never rushes through your appointment. I would never go anywhere else!!
Anna K.
I cannot recommend Jill and SkinTrust highly enough! Jill is a true professional and her aim is always the health of your skin. I have been coming to SkinTrust regularly for a little less than 3 years now. My skin suffered from years of pubertal and adult acne and bore many scars and discolorations. Of course, as many acne sufferers have experienced, the harsh OTC and medical treatment for acne also left my skin patchy, dry in certain places, and overproducing oil in trouble areas. On my first day with Jill, she carefully interviewed me, observed my skin, then gave me her recommendations without any pressure. Over the months, she gradually built my tolerance to different treatment modalities and with each appointment she always made sure to re-observe and re-assess my skin. It is absolutely obvious when you are with her that what she truly aims and cares for is your skin. Jill is a gem, and I am so glad I found her service at SkinTrust. My skin now is clear enough for me to skip the foundation even when I'm going out on dates. Oh, and Jill is also a great fun to chat with. ;)
Beth M.
I was looking for some guidance on how to care for my aging skin, in a natural, and affordable way. I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Jill Moss Stetson, skin care expert. She is a one-stop-shop for skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging products, treatments, and make-up. My skin looks fantastic!
I had my first microdermabrasion with Jill last week. My skin is so much brighter, and my fine lines have been reduced. She has so many great perks and specials, that I am caring for my skin for a fraction of the cost at other salons/spas. Recently, I was able to have my make-up professionally done at Skin Trust, for free, when she rolled out her Jane Iredale make up line. I was able to learn a professional make up artist's secrets, and which colors/products were right for me. I am amazed at the improvement!!
Jill brings years of knowledge and experience to the table, and is always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Skin Trust, and Jill Moss Stetson to anyone who is interested in aging gracefully, and maintaining healthy skin!
Janet V.
Jill Stetson is the best Esthetician I've ever worked with in over 20+ years. She's knowledgeable and committed to doing what's right for your particular skin type. I travel over 25 miles one way to see her!
Susan H.
Taking care of my skin does not come naturally for me.   I love to be outside in the sun sailing, golfing and skiing.  I don't know what skincare products to buy and don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining my skin.   BUT, I also don't want to my skin to make me look old.

Jill provides both the coaching and services to help me keep my skin healthy    Her SkinTrust Signature Treatment (peel and rehydration) is great to refresh my skin after a summer in the sun or dry winter weather.   It not only brings the glow back to the skin after the treatment, but stimulates the skin to be more healthy.   After the treatment, I am able to maintain my skin with products Jill has helped select for me based on my skin concerns and budget.

I trust Jill to take care of my skin better than I do, but she will make it easy for me to maintain it.
Rachel W.
I'm not originally from the area, had never gotten a chemical peel, and I'm getting married in 3 weeks. Jill made me feel so comfortable during the entire process. Not only did the peel do wonders for my skin, but I felt very educated and guided through the whole process. My skin is refreshed and ready for my big day and I can't get over what a great experience it was going to Jill! I will definitely be back.

Nicole S.

I am thrilled to have found Jill!! Not only is she a wonderful person, she is also very knowledgeable about skincare. She takes the time to truly get to know you and your skincare concerns. I am so excited about the progress of my skin since meeting Jill, the improvement is amazing.

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Kelly B.

I've NEVER been told what types of products to use, why, and how to properly use the products based on MY skin type. Jill was extremely thorough explaining my skin type (both good and bad) and what I should continue to do in my daily regimen that is working vs what needs to be added. All of this was done without feeling pressured to purchase products. Jill is very easy to talk to, allowing me the ability to ask the necessary questions without feeling stupid. Needless to say, I really got a lot out of the experience. This was by far the BEST facial I have EVER received. I recommend Skin Trust to EVERYONE.

Catherine J.

I LOVED my Skin Trust experience! I wasn't sure about the whole idea of a peel - but I'm so glad I did it. The process really did make my face look younger and fresher. And I've learned so much about skin care in the process. I'm a little leery of beauty businesses - a lot of times it just seems like they're pushing products on you. But Jill really educated me about what I need (and what I don't) and worked with me to come up with a skin care regimen that suits me. I haven't exactly turned back the hands of time, but I'm headed in that direction!!!!!

Olivia S.

Jill has been a godsend. Throughout my teenage years and the majority of my early to mid twenties, I suffered from moderate to severe acne. I had the cystic kind that was extremely painful and made me feel terribly ugly. There were days that I’d want to put a bag over my head before going into public because I was so embarrassed. It was extremely demoralizing and took a toll on my self esteem. Throughout the years I visited numerous dermatologists and estheticians. I even tried Pro Active. Nothing worked. I thought that I’d be plagued with acne for the rest of my life until I started working with Jill. Though our consultations have mainly been long distance (I live in NYC) with an occasional in-person peel performed by Jill, my skin has made a complete transformation. As a result of Jill’s patience, guidance and knowledge in addition to her PCA products; I have gone from having a face full of sores and scars to having virtually clear skin. I now walk into public with my head held high and not an ounce of make-up on my skin. I can’t thank Jill enough for her continuous help and support and give her the highest of recommendations. Whether you’re near or far, Jill truly cares and will listen to your concerns. She makes it a point to work with you to put together a program that best suits you and your needs. Throughout my vast experience with skin care professionals, never have I found one more knowledgeable and compassionate than Jill. Thanks to Jill and SkinTrust, I have finally found relief from my acne. I give her and the company ten stars out of ten.

Alicia S.

Jill took the time to really educate me about the need for taking better care of my skin. I used to think facials were a "feel good", much like a massage, that last a day or two. I now see a real difference in not only the way my skin looks, but how it feels. Jill has also taken the time to help me find the right products and a routine that fits my time crunch and my wallet. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is Jill's healing touch. The minute her hands touched my skin I knew that being an aesthetician had always been her true calling!


Julia R.

After working with SkinTrust, my skin is blemish free and looks years younger. Not only have I gotten great results from the treatments I have received, but I have also learned how to keep my skin looking great between treatments. SkinTrust's staff have a truly proficient knowledge of skincare and communicate a real passion for helping people take care of their skin. Thank you SkinTrust!


Judy P.

I have had several positive experiences with Jill at SkinTrust. Each and every experience has been more than I expected. From the facials, the peel and the Intraceuticals treatment. The Peel was my first peel and I left fully understanding what to watch for and the ultimate benefit of the treatment. So, no surprises! Went back for a hydration treatment, or the infusion of hydrating ingredients; called Intraceuticals. It's main benefits are firming and tightening of the facial skin. Who doesn't need that? I am extremely impressed with Jill's knowledge of skin treatments, and her ability to know exactly what's right for me and my skin. She explains as she goes and wants us to relax and enjoy the time spent on me. I highly recommend anyone looking to help their skin to let Jill help!

Michele S.

Jill brings great concern, knowledge, and professionalism to her business. She always listens to my skin concerns and helps me to achieve my skin care goals by recommending the best products for my skin. She is able to do this because of her continual education and research in the field. Jill also has a very gentle touch, and she loves educating you about products and how you should care for your skin. In addition, she brings a wealth of experience from previous positions in all phases of the health care field. Last but not least, it is a fun, positive experience to deal with Jill. She is very excited about skin care, she loves what she does, and she wants to help you maintain beautiful skin

Sue R.

I have enjoyed working with Jill and have seen some great improvements in my skin feeling soft, fresh and healthy. I respect Jill for her professionalism, and her knowledge and skill to recommend the right treatments and products. I've learned good daily routines and highly value her direction in what is best for good cleansing and product ingredients to maximize looking vibrant with a healthy glow at 55! As a bonus she's good for adding some fun and laughter to my appointments!!

Jennifer S.

I learned so much about taking of my skin during my first visit at SkinTrust. Jill is great about explaining how procedures help and what products are best. She tailored the visit to my skin needs and what will work best for me. I highly recommend Jill.

The Keracell 8 in 1 eye renewal cream is amazing. I started noticing improvement in the eye area within just a few weeks. What a terrific product.

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