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New Specialty Facials

Facials are known to have wonderful benefits for our skin. Benefits can include lowering stress levels which lowers cortisol that can cause dry skin, improve circulation to rid the skin of toxins, offer higher levels of exfoliation that improve product penetration, and ultimately hydrate your skin.

SkinTrust’s new specialty facials are ideal for aging skin and are summer safe! The new facials focus on the major issues associated with aging skin plus are summer safe for your skin. Using medical grade peptides, hyaluronic in a formulation that really penetrates, antioxidants or vitamins and botanicals, your aging are addressed.

Here are the new facials: Firming Peptide Facial (this month’s special) - strengthens your skin Super Berry Antioxidant Facial - protects skin from aging Intra-Layering Hydrating Facial - brings back hydration with a specific emphasis on your eyes & lips (the right hydration softens signs of aging) Each facial also includes Dermaplanning or Microdermabrasion for advanced exfoliation, if appropriate. Facials typically address your specific skin condition and these will too, and you get the added benefit of them addressing the issues associated with how are skin ages treating the face, neck and decollette.

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