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What is Dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning like Micro-dermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation. However, Dermaplaning is more gentle and removes the baby fine hairs on your face. (They will NOT grow back coarser.) Both of these treatments remove the dead skin build up. That’s important because as we age, we take longer to naturally slough off the dead skin cells. After Dermaplaning I use an exfoliating treatment & mask customized for your skin. Your face is glowing, and your makeup goes on smoother. This treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scaring. Skin care products are more effective because they are not blocked by the buildup of dead skin cells or oil/dirt in the follicle. And the best result is it makes skin younger. It triggers increased cell turnover and the cellular repair process that makes skin behave younger.

Many women may wax their faces to remove the fine hairs but this is prone to many problems. The hair is so fine that gentle facial waxes may not pick it all up. A mature women’s skin may be more susceptible to burning and tearing, therefore dermaplaning is a wonderful alternative with many more benefits.

Many clients will also shave in-between dermaplaning treatments which is fine. But remember shaving only removes the hair. There is no exfoliation with shaving, and you do need to be careful of ingrown hairs.

This is my favorite treatment to give & to receive. And it is the most popular treatment at SkinTrust.

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