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Aging Beautifully Treatments

These treatments can slow down the aging process at any stage by targeting specific issues. 


Skin starts to change in our 30s and change accelerates into our 40s & 50s. The significant changes are loss of hydration, laxity, discoloration, fines lines and wrinkles, and decrease in collagen and elastin. 


These skin treatments will keep your skin youthful or address your specific aging issues.

Let us personalize your skin care. Ask about a package combining two or more of the Youthful Aging treatments to meet your specific concerns. 

Aging Beautifully

Dermaplaning Treatment


Remove facial fine hair and dead skin cells with this gentle mechanical exfoliation.  Facial hair will not grow back coarser. This gentle but effective treatment is great to condition, hydrate, and brighten your skin plus minimize fine lines. Superior product penetration and smoother makeup application are achieved after this treatment.

Dermaplanning -1.jpg

Dermaplaning Facial


Get the same beautiful results as in the Dermaplanning treatment and enjoy a massage for your face, neck and décolleté.

Dermaplanning -1.jpg

Micro-current Treatment by Guinot


For people on the go that want to maintain a toned, firm face, this 30-minute treatment provides the micro-current lift. It is an ideal maintenance treatment to fight the signs of aging resulting in firmer and smoother skin. Powered by the Guinot firming products, your skin will be prepared for and then lifted with the micro-current lift and finished with the beautiful results-oriented Guinot products. Your skin will be lifted and received the benefits of the Guinot ingredients.




Pricing for a series of treatments is available.

» Visit our Video Blog "Micro-current Treatment Explained"


Neck & Décolleté Treatment


Did you know your neck skin is similar to the skin under your eyes? It will age faster than the rest of your face. To treat signs of aging or to prevent them, this treatment will lift, firm, and improve the texture of your skin. The appearance of your skin is rejuvenated using galvanic current to deeply penetrate specific ingredients, followed by an anti-wrinkle mask, and a neck & décolleté cream.




Add Micro-current for $25

Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Eye Facial by Guinot


Seeing the signs of aging and fatigue in your eyes? This eye treatment tightens the skin, drains eye puffiness and dark circles, reduces expression lines, and brightens the entire eye area. See instant results with your first treatment and lasting results with a series of focused treatments.




Reawaken your skin with this 50-minute facial. Your skin will appear radiant, fresh, smooth, and supple This facial detoxifies pollutants, improves radiance on stressed, sleep-deprived and healthy diet-deprived skin.

Detoxygene Treatment

Age Summum Facial by Guinot


Starting to see aging issues on your face? This is a great treatment to treat signs of aging, diminishes damage caused by fatigue, sun exposure or unhealthy lifestyles.  Rejuvenate and brighten your skin with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and pro-collagen to plump, firm, and smooth with this four-step treatment.  With three treatments you will experience:

49.4% average decrease in wrinkles
42.6% average increase in skin firmness
87.7% average increase in elasticity

Pair in a package with the Hydradermie Facial Lift for the ultimate youthful aging skin treatment program

Age Summum.jpg

Deluxe Facial by Guinot


This facial goes beyond the results of traditional facials. Deeper penetration of customized ingredients gives you longer lasting results. Nourish, hydrate, reduce wrinkles, firm, regulate sebum (oil) or lighten your skin using mild electric current with customized gels. Ingredients go deeper and impurities come out. Pores tighten and skin appears younger. Recommended as a monthly facial treatment.


Luxury Micro-current Facial by Guinot


Has your jawline sagged or do you have droopy eyelids? Focus internally by working on your facial muscles to improve these effects of gravity. Think of it as yoga for your face. This is the Botox/filler alternative that uses painless, low-level wave current to stimulate and reprogram your muscles and provides lymphatic drainage eliminating toxins. Firm and lift your skin for a younger, more toned look. Muscles are rehabilitated, circulation, texture, and tone improved while smoothing fine lines. Reverse the signs of aging immediately and on a long-term basis. Great before a special event, job interview or if you are concerned about skin sagging. A series of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended for long term benefits.

» Visit our Video Blog "Micro-current Treatment Explained"


Vital Energy Facial by Guinot


When your skin requires a tune-up or preparation for a major event this 90-minute treatment will leave your complexion balanced, healthy, lifted, and glowing. This multifaceted treatment delivers deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation, maximum hydration, and lifting. Personalized gels chosen to suit your specific needs penetrate deeper with galvanic current, high frequency is used to energize the cells, micro-current is used to lift sagging muscles and massage for complete relaxation.


Learn more about Guinot.


Oxygen Facial by Circadia


Developed by Circadia, this refreshing treatment gives you luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. Using a controlled amount of oxygen, this treatment increases skin function, nutrient support, and repairs to make the skin look better. Specially results include:

  • Stimulates cellular response to help diminish visible signs of aging giving you more radiance and firmness

  • Acne - reduces redness, soothes inflamed skin & addresses bacteria

  • Rosacea - controls bacteria & redness

  • Telangiectasia (red capillaries)  - significantly minimized the look of large broken capillaries 


Peptide Firming Facial by Circadia


This aging beautifully facial with the latest peptide technology stimulates new cell growth to repair & rejuvenate all skin types. It will instantly diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful peptides will leave your skin feeling smoother, firmer, and more youthful through increased micro-circulation and detoxification. If you are looking for a more intensive treatment then add a vitamin A Retinol Peel to resurface, rejuvenate and renew your skin. We recommend this peel for anyone with deeper lines or thinner, more aged skin.

For more info on Peptide Technology, read our blog


SWICH Dermal Rejuvenating Treatment by Circadia


A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance cellular function and only appropriate for women over 37, this treatment restores your youthful appearance. Your skin will be more radiant, firmer and fine lines softened or erased. The treatment includes the face and neck and is very good for aging, sun damaged or environmentally damaged skin. No visible peeling so a great peel alternative.

Learn more about Circadia.


Hyaluronic Layering by Intraceuticals - Rejuvenate


Rejuvenate your skin with this hyaluronic layering treatment that provides the ultimate in intense hydration. As our skin ages we lose vital moisture because we are losing hyaluronic acid. This 3 -step hyaluronic acid treatment revives and replenishes your skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A,C, and E, with botanicals. Your skin will be plumbed, hydrated and glowing. Experience instant dramatic results with no downtime.

speciality facial.png

Dermaboost Hyaluronic Layering by Intraceuticals


This treatment starts with Dermaplanning to smooth your skin by removing dead cell build up, followed by a 3 step Hyaluronic Layering of one of following Intraceuticals Booster.


  • Vitamin C-3 - Smooth - Brighten - Strengthen

  • Collagen - Restore - Tighten - Volume

  • Anti-oxidant  - Detox - Revitalize - Balance

  • Vitamin A  - Regnerate - Clarify - Refine

“I loved the derma boost with Jill. It was so relaxing, and my skin felt immediately hydrated. My face looks hydrated and smooth. Can’t wait to get my next Dermaboost.”


Erin M.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 8.52.38 AM.png

Learn more about Intraceuticals.


  • Dermaplaning - $25

  • Micro-Current Facial Lift- $55

  • Micro-Current Eye Lift - $25

  • Neck Treatment - $25

  • Firming Neck Micro-treatment - $25

SkinTrust Gift Certificates are available. To purchase email or call 708-541-9191.

Referral Program – Refer a friend to SkinTrust and receive 15% off your next service with Jill.

Loyalty Program Product Discount– Buy three or more products at the same time and receive 10% off the total purchase.  

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