Basic Skin Care Services

SkinTrust offers an array of skin care services to lift, brighten, smooth and hydrate skin. We offer a full complement of services and skin care products that specifically address your skin care concerns. 

Express Facial

For busy people who care about their appearance and want to maintain healthy skin, treat your skin to a 30-minute deep cleanse, exfoliation and custom mask, finished with hydration and proper sun protection.


PCA Enzymatic Treatment


This advanced 30-minute treatment immediately brightens and strengthens skin through gentle, yet powerful enzymatic and AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) exfoliation. A host of botanical extracts, enzymes and antioxidants provide unparalleled anti-inflammatory benefits for glowing skin.



Advanced Microdermabrasion MX is the latest in microdermabrasion technology. This resurfacing system uses medical-grade sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) crystals to achieve a result no other system can match. This natural state-of-the-art technology allows us to treat your lips and entire eye area, focusing on fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and textured skin. Proven as a clean, natural, very effective mechanical exfoliation, your new skin will be glowing and vibrant.

HydraClean by Guinot


HydraClean is a 30-minute deep cleansing treatment using a heated electrode that gently rids the skin of excess sebum and toxins. Your skin is clear, brighter, more hydrated, able to breathe better and products will penetrate better. Excellent treatment for the person on the go that wants a quick “pick me up”.

Classic Facial

Facials are an option to maintain healthy skin. This 40-minute facial restores healthy skin by skin-type cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if necessary) face, neck and décolleté mini-massage, treatment mask and individualized corrective serums.


Treatment by Condition


If your skin concern or condition is one listed below, these focused treatments  incorporate one to three different treatments to improve your concern. To see the best results a series of treatments is usually recommended.

  • Large Pores

  • Break outs/blemishes

  • Discoloration  Sun Damage  Brown Spots

  • Rosacea or Sensitive Skin

Chemical Peels


These peels are a perfect blend of acids to assertively but gently exfoliate without harshness, irritate, inflammation, or down time. Perfect for all skin types.

Gel Based Peels by Circadia

Progressive Peel by PCA


Using blended TCA peels with retinol boosters, these treatments improve skin tone, surface texture and brighten your skin. You will feel firmer, more hydrated, smoother skin and visible lines disappear. Appropriate for sensitive to mature skin. For best results, a series of peels is recommended. Post peel kit is required.

Restorative Peel by Circadia

For a deeper peel experience without doing a series of treatments, these advanced solutions will fade or remove discoloration and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation while brightening, improving the appearance of damaged or aging skin and treat fine lines. These peels are normally done once every 2 to 3 months followed by an enzyme treatments 2 weeks post peel (included in the peel price). Use of a Post Peel Kits required.


Retinol Peel by PCA


A blend of 4% pure retinol and anti-oxidants, this peel improves skin texture, brightens and evens skin tone, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles through accelerated cellular turnover. Great peel to transition skin between the seasons.  

Use of a Post Peel Kit required.

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