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Face Makeup Experience at SkinTrust

Experience clean makeup that performs

Do you feel confident and natural in your face makeup?

Does you makeup have good ingredients that continue to care for your skin?

Does your makeup cause creases or dryness?

Is it clean - containing no harmful ingredients?

No one wants to look like they have face makeup on, but they want an even tone and beautiful finish. Your face makeup is that finishing touch. One that gives you a beautiful
look, protects, and continues the work of your skin care products. No makeup should just cover. And it should be a natural look with clean ingredients. That’s why at SkinTrust
we have Jane Iredale makeup.

If you want a different, natural look or are not pleased with your face makeup, it’s time to experience Jane Iredale makeup. During your makeup experience, I will help you find that perfect finish whether it is radiant, dewy, matte or luminous and the perfect color. I want you to feel beautiful in your face makeup.

Face Makeup Experience - $75, apply to any purchase over $100

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SkinTrust Gift Certificates are available. To purchase email or call 708-541-9191.

Referral Program – Refer a friend to SkinTrust and receive 15% off your next service with Jill.

Loyalty Program Product Discount– Buy three or more products at the same time and receive 10% off the total purchase.  

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