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What's Your Face Makeup Look?

No one wants to look like they have face makeup on - I hear this all the time. And I agree! You want your skin to have a beautiful finish that’s natural. And that is why I love jane Iredale makeup. Depending on the look you want, this makeup will give it to you. Here are the looks & the corresponding face makeup product you can choose from:

Matte - Pure Pressed Powder

Luminous - Amazing Base

Dewey - Liquid (Serum) Makeup

Velvety - Beauty Balm or BB Cream

Semi-matte, photo-ready finish - Beyond Matte

Light - Dream Tint

Face makeup look

Reveal your radiance with any of these face makeups. You won’t feel like you have makeup on. The micronized minerals give your skin a soft finish and conceal any redness. Each face makeup product is endorsed by The Skin Cancer Society. 

All jane iredale face makeup is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear.

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