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Youthful Face Without Surgery Nova Threads

Last year I found out that a simple innovative treatment from Europe was about to enter the United States. Finally, there was a non surgical treatment that could help pull up the face without a painful traumatic facelift. We had tried for years to help pull up the face and neck with fillers and botox with limited results. Now we can do this much more naturally and effectively with little threads! The coolest thing is that we can now help pull up and tighten about anything on the body safe and effectively, quickly, comfortably, and without downtime!

From top to bottom this is what we can do: Lift eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, neck, decollete, breasts, triceps, abdomen, buttock, inner thighs, and knees! The most important thing is that there is simply something we can do about these gravity issues in order to boost self confidence and lift our spirits instead of just accepting “the way it is” which is NOT the Rejenesis philosophy.

If you like choice in your life call us at 708-541-9191 and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Life is good!

Yours truly,

Dr. J

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