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Do You Have Tech Neck?

Tech Neck

The answer is how could you not with all the time we spend looking down at our phones and computers. One day I looked down and my camera was accidentally on. I was traumatized at how my neck looked!!!!

Tech Neck is a condition that affects the skin and muscles of the neck and upper back. Maybe you’ve felt increased tightness especially in the upper back. There are great exercises online to help manage that.

And with Tech Neck skin is developing horizontal lines faster. That skin, as your eyes, ages 30% faster than your face and we are accelerating that more with our lifestyles of looking down. When you talk about the neck you have to talk both skin and muscles. My goal is to help you stop the effects of tech neck. The first recommendation is to treat your neck skin just like your face. Bring down all the products you are using to your neck and chest. And use sunscreen on those areas every day, all year long.

To learn more about caring for your neck skin, check out the blog “Care for you neck skin”.

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