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Covid Vaccine and Injectables

The Vaccine and Botox

Does the Covid Vaccine from Moderna adversely affect people with dermal fillers and botox?

Based on several articles I have read, and they are all posted on the SkinTrust FB page, here is the information I think will be helpful to understand this issue. Let me break it down simply:

  • There were 3 people in the Moderna study that have swollen at the site of their Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler. That means you have a 1 in 10,000 change of it happening to you. It only happened with hyaluronic acid fillers - Bellafill and Scuptra are not affected.

  • All three people who had the swelling also had the side effect resolved by taking antihistamines or steroids. There was no lasting side effect. It is only the Moderna vaccine that has this side effect not the Pfizer vaccine.

  • The vaccine will not adversely affect anyone with Botox.

For more information, please see the three articles we have on the SkinTrust Facebook page.

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