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Is Blue Light Exposure Really Bad?

Blue Light Safety

We are hearing more and more about blue light exposure. So what is it and what can it do to us?

Blue light is HEV - high energy visible light, the light that comes from the sun, computers and other light sources. The reason it is getting so much attention is that it is the most energetic visible light, and can result in the most biological effects in organs exposed to the sun and other light sources, which are mainly your skin and eyes.

Too much blue light can lead to the following problems:

Eye Strain - causing eye strain and fatigue ultimately causing damage to the retina and back of the eye inner lining

Skin Stressor - increased exposure to blue light can cause premature aging of your skin. This is caused by inflammation and free radical production from the light - similar to what the sun light can do.

Sleep Disruptor - believe it or not, blue light is necessary for vital functions like regulating a healthy circadian rhythm ( the body’s natural wakefulness and sleep cycle). However too much blue light disturbs that cycle causing sleepless nights and daytime fatigue.

What can you do?

  • Blink more when on the computer to moisturize your eyes

  • Reduce the brightness on your devices

  • Use your SPF everyday no matter if you go out or not

  • Limit screen time or purchase protective shields such as anti-reflective yellow glasses

  • Use a screen protection cover that carry the Eyesafe brand of certification. For more into visit the Eyesafe website.

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