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Show of Hands

Hand Massage

In a normal world, we do not care for our hands like are faces. Thus, our hands do tell our age. But more important than that, our hands are not cared for or protected resulting in exposure to damaging sunlight, cold, wind, harsh soaps, for some chemical substances and now, hand sanitizers. Neglected hand care can cause:

  • Discoloration including splotching of darker spots, large liver spots (nothing to do with your liver, just the color of your liver),

  • Sun Freckles

  • Rough, hard, dry skin

  • Wrinkles, sagging, crepey appearance

Here’s some tips to help your hands age beautifully:

Consistent use of a hand cream - several times during the day, and night.

Apply a thin coat of hand cream then cover with lightweight cotton gloves at night while sleeping; helps absorb the products.

Carry a small hand cream in your purse or keep at your desk to use throughout the day.

Wear a water-resistant sunscreen during the day - most sunscreens for the face are not resistant to the water.

Wear gloves outside in this cold windy weather.

Hand skin is not like the face and needs special ingredients. Try a product with some of these:

  • To stop moisture loss- shea butter, natural oils such as jojoba, sunflower or grapeseed, and silicones

  • To add moisture - glycerin or sorbitol

  • To repair barrier function of the skin and help with wrinkles - ceramides

The most important thing to remember about hand care is be consistent — especially now!

Special Surprise

At you next SkinTrust treatment say, “Hands Please” and receive a complimentary hand massage using at the wonderful Guinot Hand Cream. If you like it, you get a 15% discount off your first order!

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