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The Ultimate Compliment - Part 3

The Ultimate Compliment

As discussed in Part 2, to get the Ultimate Compliment you need healthy skin with a radiant, well moisturized look. The only way to achieve this is using effective skin care products in a regular regimen. Then is makes sense to get Botox or fillers. Remember Botox or fillers without an effective skin care program will not give you the look you want.

Fillers, Botox and other advance treatments work under the skin and provide great results. Fillers fill your face and bring back its contour. Botox paralyzes the muscles and stops or softens fine lines. Advanced treatments like micro-needling and threads stimulate your collagen and elastin. I highly recommend doing advance treatments in-between fillers, meaning you don’t use fillers as frequently, to stimulate your own body to preserve and create collagen and elastin - it will slow down the aging process. Just filling your skin could create filler fatigue (see our blog on filler fatigue), which over years will not be a good look.

With all injectables use them conservatively - no one wants the frozen look, and you can always get more. And use medical grade products with proven results and ingredients targeting your concerns. What women want is the Ultimate Compliment - “You look good” and no one knows why!

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