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Understanding Your Skin’s Needs

Do you know what’s in your skin care products and what the ingredients do? Like most of us, that answer would be “no.” That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to Jill Moss Stetson, owner of SkinTrust in Palos Heights, Ilinois.

Stetson became a certified medical esthetician to help people understand what they need to use on their skin to get the results they desire.

“Skin care is a personal investment of time and resources, and people want results,” Stetson says. “As an esthetician and ingredient technology expert, I understand product ingredients and formulations that truly specialize in caring for the skin.”

SkinTrust treats all skin conditions and focuses on youthful aging for women and men over 45. They believe you can slow down the aging process of your skin and are dedicated to offering clinically proven, results-oriented treatments and products from daily skin care to techniques that defy gravity, to finishing off with touches of clean, natural makeup.

As a certified medical esthetician, Stetson uses her experience and advanced education to select only products and services that deliver results. SkinTrust carries four skin care lines that are all medical grade, which means they have high concentrations of active ingredients that give results based on documented research. She teaches her clients the importance of caring for your skin every day—following the correct steps in a regimen both morning and night and using products that work for your skin. Skin care is not a one-size-fits-all option.

“People come to SkinTrust to better understand what to use on their skin. Many times they simply just want to age gracefully,” Stetson says.

For example, if someone is concerned about how their skin is aging, Stetson recommends the use of hyaluronic acid.

“Our bodies make this naturally, but as we age, it is reduced, and this ingredient is essential for youthful, glowing skin.”

She says there are many formulations out there that do not work. That’s why she has personally tested and compared many products in the market with hyaluronic acid and carries several that are proven to hydrate, plump and lift, giving skin the beautiful glow her clients love.

Stetson is always researching the industry for skin rejuvenation techniques that create stunning, natural looking results. Recently, SkinTrust partnered with Dr. James Joseph to offer the latest, advanced approach for youthful aging—a natural, noninvasive procedure called “Nova Threads.” It is referred to as “the answer for loose and sagging skin.” Nova Threads corrects aging issues such as the impact of gravity or volume loss particularly in areas of the face or neck. The FDA-approved treatment is new to the U.S. but has been well-known for its amazing results for over a decade throughout Europe and Asia. Stetson has seen and personally experienced wonderful results from this technique.

“Dr. Joseph has completed numerous aesthetic trainings and certifications through the prominent Ageless Institute,” Stetson says. “He is a leader in the field of cosmetic injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, stem cell harvesting and injections, and we are pleased to have him on our team.”

Skin care is not just for women—men want to age well too. Their skin care needs are different. At SkinTrust, all services are done in a very private, relaxing setting. Gift certificates are available. The SkinTrust philosophy is all about youthful aging and the dedication to helping all people achieve healthy, beautiful skin at any age. They offer an array of options to meet every client’s needs.

“We understand your concerns, your skin’s unique traits and personalize your care so it flows easily into your lifestyle,” Stetson says.

The Parks Lifestyle - June 2017 Article Laura Gilarski | Photography Gary Middendorf

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