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Skin Care Trends For 2022

Updated: Apr 9

Barrier Repair

Ceramide Formula

Much more info is out on understanding how the barrier layer (the most outer layer of your skin) if damaged, can contribute to almost every skin concern. Anyone’s barrier can be compromised especially this time of year. The heat and then cold irritate this layer if not protected. And if you want the full benefits of more aggressive skin care treatments, you need a heathy barrier layer.

Cerimides are getting much more press in skin care and specifically for barrier repair. Cerimides are one of the most protective additive ingredients in skin care. They help strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and defend against daily and long-term aggressors. Unfortunately, we begin to lose Cerimides in our 20s and need to add them through moisturizers that contain them. It is thought that Cerimides after sunscreen are the # 2 anti-aging ingredient.

Reusable Skin Care Accessories

Supporting sustainable products is important and how about a cotton round that you can reuse? Look for the skin care accessories such as cotton rounds, reusable face & eye masks that are kinder to our environment. We have the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, a reusable that removes your makeup and is pure magic!

Mask Solutions

It doesn’t look like masks are going away any time soon. If you need to wear one for a prolonged period of time consider adding a barrier to your skin to minimize breakouts. Use a moisturizing spray that contains natural salicylic acid (we have the Circadia White WIllow Mist) followed by a moisturizer. And if you have more breakout prone skin the PCA Pore Minimizer product acts as a primer to protect your skin and control breakout.

Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen is not just for our lungs! The outer layer of your skin needs it as well. Low levels of oxygen in your skin present as dull appearance, thinning skin, wrinkle formulation, barrier layer problems, and inability to fight free radicals. Slow loss of oxygen results in compromised skin health.

This issue has been studied for years and there are services and products now available to help your skin get more oxygen. Be careful and make sure they will give you the desired results. At SkinTrust we have treatments that address oxygen loss with proven results.

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