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New Skin Care Treatments For 2017

2016 Recap and Advancements for 2017 Skin Care

At SkinTrust we are committed to empowering and inspiring you to be your own beautiful self at every stage. We hope you felt that commitment in 2016 as we introduced the Jane Iredale MakeUp for a natural finish that is an extension of your skin care. We also introduced you to Dr. James Joseph who performs a 60 minute face lift without surgery! Dr. James Joseph expands our options with regenerative skin care treatments such as Nova Threads and injectables.

In 2017 we plan to continue to introduce innovative treatments with proven results. We are excited to bring micro needling (various levels) into the practice from Dr. Joseph. In addition, we will extend our anti-aging offerings by providing a reliable stem cell daily care product. This is another great addition to the array of various skin care product options we offer. And, we will be introducing two supplements to support healthy, beautiful skin.

For those special men in your life, we are introducing specific services and treatments designed just for “him”.

Additionally, we are watching some the latest trends in skincare including SMART mirrors, skin care apps — specifically one from Samsung, and specialized water to use in your regimen. And, see our series on “eye care” over the next six months in our blogs and on FaceBook.

This year we will continue to have fun events where you can try specific treatments and get the “best” packages of various skincare treatments exclusive at our events. Hope to see you at our first one this May.

Stay tuned as we roll out these results oriented products and treatments. And thank you for your ongoing support to SkinTrust.

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