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Aging gracefully on your terms

At SkinTrust we specialize in ingredients, skin care products, makeup and treatments that help you age gracefully or slow down the aging process of your skin. To me, this is youthful aging—aging gracefully on your terms.

My role as an esthetician is to always be on the look out for information, products, and techniques that help you achieve youthful aging. As a 62 year old woman, I love doing these and in many cases try products or treatments before I introduce them to you. Each month I am going to share tidbits with you that can help you achieve youthful aging. These tidbits might be a skin care or makeup tip, a new product or technique/treatment addressing anti-aging or youthful aging. No matter what, I want to give you the knowledge that will help you age gracefully and in the manner that is comfortable to you.

Here is our first tidbit: Protect your under eye area with the right eye cream and concealer that treats, conditions and conceals. I see many women who use an eye cream then a concealer that steals the benefits of the eye cream because it has bad ingredients in it.

The under eye skin is not the same as the rest of the face — it needs more because it is thin and there are no oil glands there. This area shows signs of aging first so make sure you’re using the right ingredients. If you are unsure, make an appointment and brings your products in. I want to know the ingredients in the products to make sure it’s a good formulation and that it meets your needs.

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