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Why do you wear makeup?

The most beautiful makeup on a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.

- Yves Saint Laurent

This blog is inspired by the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. In reading her daily devotion of “The Face in the Looking Glass” it reminded me of why makeup - however much you want to wear, is important. Here is what Sarah says about makeup:

“Makeup was simply a tool to help me look my best. When I looked my best, I felt better. When I felt better, I had more energy and accomplished more and was more outgoing. When I accomplished more and reached out more to others, they responded positively and my self-esteem grew. Making up my face again began a self-affirming cycle of acceptance. But more important, it began a ceremony of self-nurturing. I began to see that the ten minutes I took in the morning to put my best face forward for myself and not the world was a small but important way of nurturing my authenticity. Even the ritual of putting makeup on, when it comes from the heart, can be spiritual. Today when you glance in the looking glass, bless the face that stares back at you and put on some lipstick.”

I so agree with Sarah’s thoughts. Makeup is very personal, but it’s not about ego, it is about self-nurturing and self-acceptance whatever your age and whatever makeup you choose to wear.

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