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A Natural Skin Care Treatment - Micro-Current

Micro-Current Treatment

We work out to keep our body’s toned and in good shape, especially as we age. The same hold trues for our face. Our skin changes at a cellular level which expresses itself through sagging skin, wrinkles, dullness and dryness. All resulting from the loss of collagen, elasticity, and moisture, the main issues of aging skin.

Micro-current is a small dose of electrical current that is a natural means of rebuilding skin integrity and strengthening muscle fibers. The main benefit of micro-current treatments is to

reprogram muscles - lift muscles, prevent or correct saggy skin. Along with an effective skin care program, micro-current treatments also provide these benefits:

  1. Increases fibroblast production, the base of collagen and elastin, which helps reduce fine lines and increase skin health. It simultaneously tones and rebuilds the muscles, regaining mass and facial firmness.

  2. Stimulates collagen without producing a controlled injury as a chemical peel or laser treatment does. Frequent treatments creating an injury can leave your body without any help in the long run.

  3. Increases blood circulation which increase nutrients and oxygen flow that helps increase the body’s natural production of ATP, which produces skin radiance.

  4. Helps to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles and other skin discoloration. It reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes.

  5. Does not damage the dermal layer. The continued use of micro-current reduces the signs of stress and fatigue by increasing the body’s own healing ability, resulting in total skin health

  6. The use of micro-current prior to makeup application enhances the facial features by lifting, defining, contouring and significantly increasing makeup overall effects.

For the best results be sure to be well hydrated. For lasting results, repeated treatments are needed, and the number is based on the condition of your skin, and your lifestyle choices. Remember your face is part of your body and just as you repeat work outs to tone your body, you need to repeat micro-current treatments to tone your face.

At SkinTrust we offer Micro-Current technology in these treatments:

  • As an add on service to any treatment - $45

  • Micro-current Lift Treatment - $95, package pricing available for a series of treatments

  • Luxury Micro-current Facial - $155

  • Vital Energy Facial - $200

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