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Are You Exfoliating?

This is a common step in a skin care regimen that many people miss or don’t do as often as necessary, but it is one of the most important steps. You need to get the buildup of dead skin cells off your face, neck and décolleté so you have radiant fresh-looking skin and better product penetration - it’s difficult for products to penetrate through dead skin cells!

Depending on your skin the general rule is to exfoliate two to three times a week for normal skin, and one to two time for sensitive. If you cleanse with a Clarisonic brush you want to only use an exfoliating product once a week.

When you exfoliate at home there are three types of exfoliators:

Scrubs – are products with a grainy texture - can be rough on skin. Never use St. Ives Apricot scrub on your face!

Enzymes - gentle and effect - act like Pac men taking all the dead skin off - papaya & pineapple are great!

Acids - lactic and glycolic acid are usually mild and effective. You can find these ingredients in cleansers.

Here’s some tips:

  • If you do have a scrub and it’s a bit rough on your skin, add a little cleanser to soften the impact

  • Always use a scrub on wet, not dry, skin

  • Use a facial scrub in the shower to avoid the mess all over your bathroom sink

  • Exfoliate before an event for radiant skin and better makeup application on smooth skin

Product Recommendation

Looking for a good exfoliator but don’t want to add that extra step? Try the Circadia Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser. This cleanser contains microbeads of natural beeswax that gently cleanse and exfoliate while absorbing excess oil. Gentle exfoliates leaving the skin silky & smooth - safe to use twice a day for all skin types. Email me if you would like more information -

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