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Do Your Eyes Look Your Age?

Youthful Eyes

Even though the skin around the eyes ages 30% faster than the rest of your face there are wonderful products and steps to take that reduce the signs of aging in this area. Here’s some tips to help your eyes age beautifully:

  • Start using an eye cream in your mid to late 20s. Preserving the moisture in the eye area (there are no sebaceous glands) helps to fight fine lines from developing

  • As you get older, use eye creams that also firm and help the cells in the skin function better.

  • Use an eye cream morning and night - every day. And at night use on the lid - actually apply a small amount from the brow to the crease and it will wick over the lid. That helps minimize crepiness.

  • Use an eye makeup remover that conditions, repairs and treats your skin - start this early and your lashes will stay in good shape, too. Using a product just to remove makeup and not give you other benefits is not worth the long-term negative impact to your skin or lashes.

  • Wear an undereye concealer that has the same benefits as an eye makeup remover - one that treats as well as covers.

Sometimes it’s the little things that add up and really help - take that approach with your eyes to age beautifully.

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