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Is Your Skin Dehydrated?

Recently several clients expressed concern about dry skin and this time of year that is so true. Winter is harsh & extremely drying to skin.

Sometimes it’s obvious if your skin is dry, but if you are not sure, here is a test:

Pinch your cheek. If you wrinkle with gentle pressure instead of your skin holding its shape, you are dry. It also may feel tight, look dull, and you may find wrinkles in places you don’t remember.

In addition to our facial special Dermaboost this month that gives your skin a boost of moisture, here are some tips on how to bring your moisture level up:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser, one that does not strip the oil

  2. In the morning, use a hydrating toner instead of cleansing, but if you work out you must cleanse.

  3. Apply products to damp skin specifically serums that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin. They cling to moisture in your skin and kick start the hydration.

  4. Layer on an emollient cream to lock in the moisture. Use an emollient cream that contains shea butter, jojoba or organ oil.

  5. Take hydrating supplements. Jane Iredale fish oil is one of my favorites

  6. Use a sleep mask regularly to lock in moisture and other good ingredients when your skin is being repaired.

Not sure if your products are working for your skin, give me a call at 708-541-9191 and we can chat about them.

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