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Overnight Face Masks

Are they right for you?

Face masks used in skin care have been around for ages. They are used in facials and for home care. Now the focus is on overnight face masks to boost absorptions of concentrated ingredients while the skin regenerates.

A face mask is just like a serum - it is a vehicle that delivers highly concentrated active ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients to the skin to improve its overall health. They create a physical barrier that locks in beneficial ingredients allowing the skin to absorb more efficiently. Designed to use intermittently, they give your skin an instant boost.

New Trend - Overnight Masks

Benefits of overnight masks are compelling, especially to maintain beautiful skin as we age:

  • Ingredients have longer to absorb into the skin - they seep into the skin all night, which intensely hydrates the skin and replaces the moisture we lose as we age. Also smooths wrinkles.

  • Studies show that cells replicate and renew overnight, and a face mask helps these cells do this effectively.

  • Overnight masks contain skin boosting vitamins and other ingredients that deep penetrate giving skin radiance and can calm and sooth.

Tips for using an overnight mask:

  • Apply to clean dry skin

  • Wash off thoroughly in the morning, unless it has fully absorbed into your skin

  • Use once a week or when your skin needs a boost

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