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Self-Care - Love Your Face

What is your new year’s resolution? This time of year, many people think about how to treat their bodies better. Exercise more, lose weight, eat healthy, etc. I am a strong advocate of self- care through my Whole 30 ( more to come on that later) exercising regularly, being at my best weight, and of course caring for my skin - face and body. As you think about this new year be sure to add caring for your skin to your list of resolutions. Whether that is with a daily regimen morning and night and/or a facial. Our facial skin is always “out there” presenting, protecting, reacting and adjusting to the world around us. What other body part is uncovered continuously? One of the benefits of having healthy skin is that when it looks and feels it’s best, so do you.

There are many facials to choose from and as an esthetician I guide clients to the right facial or facial treatment. Here are some reasons to add facials to your self-care plan:

  • Facials are as important as getting your teeth cleaned or a routine visit with your physician - your skin is always uncovered and exposed

  • Increases circulation, detoxifies, and stimulates the skin - all which brighten your skin

  • Slows down the aging process by customizing products

  • Detoxifies the skin to prevent breakouts & negative impact of pollution

  • Feels good, a soothing and relaxing massage reduces stress, encourages peace of mind and releases psychological distress

  • Pressure points activated during the facial massage positively affects other organs

  • Improved circulation - cells get oxygen and nutrients making your skin glow

  • Increases your skin’s ability to absorb your daily skin care products

  • Keeps skin in great shape during the harsh winter months

A question I get frequently is how often should you have a facial. Here are some points to consider when deciding:

  • Monthly is the ideal frequency because over 28 days your skin undergoes a full skin cell cycle; meaning the skin cells move up through the epidermis. Then normally you slough off the dead cells that come up- this process slows down with age. The dead cells need to be removed and the cells below treated with hydration and nutrients. Your skin will breathe, function better and look great.

  • Minimally have a facial at seasonal changes; we have two seasons in Chicago

  • If on a budget, then maybe every two months works for you

  • The condition of your skin or if treating a condition can dictate the frequency of a facial

  • Concern about the appearance of your skin or how it is aging

  • Start early for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin

It’s never too late to start!

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