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The Botox and Filler Alternative - Introducing Micro-current

Most of us take very good care of our facial skin - following a good regimen with products that have effective ingredients. But what about your facial muscles? Do you exercise them regularly to keep them in good shape? We just don’t think about a regular exercise program devoted to our face. I have several books on exercises just for your facial muscles. However, if you would rather not devote time to an exercise program, than Micro-current is the treatment for you. This is a “work-out” for your facial muscles.

You may ask why is that important? Just like our body muscles, as we age our facial muscles droop, particularly around the jaw line and the eye lids. Fillers can help lift the jawline, surgery can lift the eyelid, and Botox can smooth expression lines. But if you are not ready for those treatments, micro-current can give you a lift, smooth fine lines, stimulate collagen (one of the most important things to do for youthful aging) and aid in better product penetration.

Micro-current is a low level electro-magnetic current that is very safe and provides a natural treatment. Through a series of movements over your neck and face, this energy stimulates cellular energy that moves your muscles and firms your skin. It is the perfect treatment before an event and if you are concerned about what gravity is doing to your face. If you want to retrain your facial muscles for a more lasting impact, then a series of three to six treatments, each one week apart, will do just that.

If you are looking to reprogram your facial muscles and achieve a lasting, long term effect, I have a micro-current machine at SkinTrust. It is more powerful than home devices, however, the home devices still serve a purpose. If you choose to have this treatment, and I hope you will, I will discuss the differences with you so you can choose what works best for your follow-up program.

On a final note, if you have had Botox in the past four weeks, you cannot have micro-current.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, email me at

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