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The Myth About Drinking Water

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Do those with dry skin need to drink more water?

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This time of year, I see a lot of dry skin with my clients. When chatting they will say “I know I need to drink more water to help the dryness”. Yes, drinking the right amount of water is very good for your overall health but a lot of it will never make it to your skin. And that’s because your internal organs need water to function properly and remove toxins from the body, which is critical for good health. An association drawn between water consumption and skin hydration in research literature has yet to be documented.

When someone experiences dryness there is usually associated flakiness. This is when a good oil, appropriate for the skin type, is applied to aid in lipid productions and protect the skin.

If someone has “tight” skin and a slight textural change most likely the skin in dehydrated, which is very common in the winter, but can also be experienced in the summer because of air conditioning. As we age both oil and natural hydration diminish in skin. To help this condition, a good formation of hyaluronic acid added as a facial serum followed by a moisturizer with a good oil to occlude the skin and keep the moisture in is most effective.

In summary, drink the amount of water right for your body every day. It helps all your organs function better and releases toxins. I also find it helps maintain my energy level and I seem to sleep better if I am well hydrated. Then, for you skin use the right products to counter any dryness or dehydration.

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