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The Ultimate Compliment - Part 2

Great Skin

Last month we blogged on the Ultimate Compliment - “You look great!” but no one knows why. It’s the best compliment you can get. And I believe there are four major strategies that can get you the ultimate compliment.

The first strategy is use good skin care products every day both morning and night. Having a good skin care regimen that you religiously follow is so important. If you don’t care for your skin every day everything else including makeup, injectables, etc. will never look the best they can.

And remember that not caring for your skin at night – in particular taking off your makeup, can cause premature aging. A basic rule of good skin is to protect your skin in the day. Minimally wear sun screen all year long and during the cold months protect your skin with a good moisturizer under your sunscreen. At night treat your skin. Use treatment products on a clean face. That’s when your body is doing the restorative & repair work. The magic beauty hours are between 10 pm & 2 am so be sure to get good sleep, especially during those hours.

Using good skin care products is essential - ones with a high concentration of good ingredients. Unfortunately, most over the counter skin care products use inferior ingredients with low concentrations. I know medical grade products are more expensive, but you can have a skin care program put together that includes some over the counter products and some medical grade ones. There are many ways to structure a good skin care program that gives you the results you want. We can help you do that at SkinTrust.

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