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Unveiling 2024 Skincare Trends

Updated: Jan 5

I love working in the skincare industry because there are always breakthrough innovations and fresh concepts on the horizon. 2023 brought new ingredients and tech advancements, and 2024 is set to exceed expectations, focusing on enhancing your natural beauty features. Here are some highlights of the trends to look out for.

“No Needle” Plumping

While Botox and fillers remain popular choices, a rising trend in 2024 focuses on achieving a plumping effect without the need for needles. The plumping trend has been gaining traction, sparked by numerous celebrities opting for a more natural aesthetic, showcasing their beauty with minimal makeup and radiant skin. Embracing one's natural features is becoming a priority, with individuals seeking skincare solutions that promote hydration and radiance.

Many skincare brands are providing products that have a “no fill” plumping effect. At SkinTrust, we perform Intraceutical’s Rejuvenate and Intraceutical’s Opulence treatments, tailored for both face and necks, and our Hyaluronic Layering Atoxolene Eye treatment. Our treatments infuse hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, and botanical extracts, delivering a non-invasive plumping effect for your skin. Trusted by red carpet stars, these treatments provide that coveted red carpet look, enhancing your natural beauty without the use of injections.

Cosmetic Needling

Cosmetic needling, particularly with rollers, is effective in stimulating cell turnover and greatly improving product penetration—achieving up to 100% greater penetration. However, please take caution, especially when attempting this at home. Opt for cosmetic needles with a length of only .3mm, as opposed to the .5mm version meant for professional use. Beware of deeper needles available on platforms like Amazon, as they can damage your skin. Remember, in skincare, 'more' isn't always 'better.'

The .3mm needle provides micro-channeling in the epidermis within 3 to 5 minutes of use. For optimal results, incorporate it into your routine after cleansing and before applying a serum. If using a retinoid product, proceed slowly, as it can penetrate deeper and lead to significant irritation.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) - Natural Skin Rejuvenation

Embrace the natural skin rejuvenation wave with Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), the next generation of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. Both PRP and PRF harness the power of your plasma to rejuvenate your skin, promoting a refreshed appearance and stimulating collagen production. As a top-tier treatment, whether administered through injections or in combination with micro-needling, PRF naturally kickstarts your body's processes to slow the effects of aging.

This method is a stellar option, not just as a filler but as a collagen stimulator in between filler sessions. PRF, being the next-gen solution, boasts a higher concentration of platelets than PRP, ensuring longer-lasting growth factors for optimal stimulation. Book your next PRF treatment at SkinTrust.

Potent Products

Embrace the 'less is more' mantra as skincare brands shift towards more potent products in 2024. The trend is all about high concentrations of active ingredients that deliver results. Consumers are leaning towards using fewer products that still deliver results. When it comes to potency, medical-grade skincare products stand out—no exceptions!

Fast Facials

No one ever seems to have enough time. Some time-constrained consumers prioritize maintenance over luxury or corrective skincare treatments. While these may not offer the same transformative results, they serve as quick pick-me-ups, ideal for those conscious of both time and budget. Express or mini treatments, tailored to address specific concerns, can still provide significant benefits for your skin.

Explore our curated list of Express Facials at SkinTrust and treat yourself to a convenient Holiday Pick-Me-Up.

Mushroom Boom

Experience the Mushroom Boom in skincare like never before in 2024. While the magic of mushrooms debuted in the spa industry in 2018 during the micro-dosing wellness trend, their roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) go back centuries. Consider this trend a revitalization of an already incredible ingredient.

Mushrooms boast versatile benefits in skincare, including collagen production boost, antioxidant protection, skin brightening, hydration, anti-inflammatory properties, and more. Watch for the rise of mushrooms as a skincare ingredient in 2024, delivering a natural and effective touch to your skincare routine.

Skin Care Hybrids

The au-natural makeup trend, showcased by many celebrities this year, has inspired consumers to shift away from traditional makeup. A desire to let natural skin shine and use makeup as an enhancer led to the creation of makeup-skincare hybrids. Drunk Elephant takes the lead with their potent liquid bronzer and blush/skincare drops. Jane Iredale has transformed their liquid foundation into an ultra-hydrating tinted serum featuring Hyaluronic Acid, effectively plumping, soothing, minimizing fine lines, and achieving even skin tone with sheer coverage for a youthful look all day long. Jane Iredale's HydroPure Tinted Serum is available at SkinTrust. Reach out for more information.

Droplette Device

Join in the plumping and enhanced product absorption trend with the innovative Droplette device. This cutting-edge tool combines smart technology with specialized serums to create a potent micro-mist, maximizing the delivery of powerful ingredients to the skin. Explore the future of skincare with Droplette for an advanced and effective way to elevate your skincare routine in 2024.

If you have any questions about any of the products and trends we shared, please reach out!

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