Age Brilliantly

Two 30- minute Treatments

Unmask me - $65

Getting breakout or irritation from this mandatory mask-wearing? Although it is very important to wear your mask it is equally important to keep the skin healthy underneath. Treat yourself with a soothing deep cleansing facial using Guinot Hydraclean. And destress with a relaxing Jade Roller facial massage.

Grab Your Glow - $65

Clean off the summer sunscreen and hydrate your parched skin with this facial treatment. Grab your glow back with a deep exfoliation and a dose of exotic Ridberry, Muntries, and Pepper berries from Australia. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties these super-berries are designed to provide instant brightening and hydration to dry, dehydrated, lackluster skin. And destress with a relaxing Jade Roller facial massage.

Power of AB - Daily Care Products/Ingredients

Keracell by Bella Sciences

As an esthetician, one of the exciting roles I play is researching new skin care products and I am delighted to have found Keracell by Bella Sciences, a human stem cell product. If you are looking for skin care products that result in skin more vibrant, robust and youthful looking you have found them with Keracell.  Keracell’s Conditioned Media* is a stem cell extract of over 542 measurable proteins, peptides and growth factors - more than any other stem cell extract available. The visible results are real using clinically proven technology and innovative ingredients from nature to give you results. For more information, call Jill at 708-541-9191, email me at jill@skintrust.net or visit their website at bellasciences.com.

Here is a testimonial from a satisfied Keracell customer:
"I have been going to Jill Stetson for the last seven years and have enjoyed & benefited greatly. I have been using the Keracell Anti-aging Facial Serum, Rejuvenating Cream, and Vitamin C serum. I highly recommend these products!!!" - Sharon M.

» Download Keracell’s Technology Paper To Learn About The Science


*Kercall’s products use Mesenchymal Stem cells that are ethically cultivated and FDA approved.


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