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How To Get Flawless, Glowing Skin

Intraceuticals Opulence

Brighten - Lighten - Hydrate

Glowing skin with a flawless complexion is what we all want. There are various ways to achieve this, but one of the most unique, safe and effective methods is the Intraceuticals Opulence treatment. Like chemical peels and laser treatments, Opulence effectively treats discoloration from sun damage, breakouts or aging in a much gentler way.

The Opulence difference is:

• Delivers a high dose of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a potent, stable form of Vitamin C, which brightens while protecting and stimulating collagen

• Combines cutting edge ingredients with hyperbaric Oxygen technology

• Contains Rumex Occidentalis Extract one of the most effective, safe lightening ingredients

Opulence delivers:

• Instant luster, radiance & vitality

• Younger looking skin

• Long lasting hydration that adds volume

• Reduction in fine lines & wrinkles

• Nourishment

• Reduction in discoloration from sun damaging, aging or breakouts

• Collagen protection & stimulation

If you need a skin “pick-me-up” from your summer fun, want a radiant glowing complexion for the holidays or vibrant youthful complexion as you age, Opulence is your answer.

At SkinTrust, we are very proud to be the only provider of the Intraceuticals treatments in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Other Intraceuticals treatments available: Rejuvenate, Clarity and the Intraceuticals boosters including Collagen and Anti-oxidants. All treatments are a 3 layer hyaluronic acid treatment delivering vitamins and gentle, effective botanicals through hyperbaric oxygen.

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