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Oxygen Skincare Treatments

oxygen facial with specialized tool

Benefits of Oxygen Facials

Last month I posted Oxygen Treatments as a trend for this year - and it is. But why is it important and are all treatments the same?

Your skin relies on oxygen just as your body does. The dermis, or the deeper layers of the skin, get oxygen from your capillaries and veins. The top layers of your skin depend on the environment.

Signs that you are not getting enough can include dullness, aging pigment or discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, and sensitivity. Factors that limit oxygen intake include: Environment, overall health, and elevation. For healthy skin function, oxygen is necessary.

How Oxygen Facial Helps Aging Skin Cells

close up of older woman in spa attire and the oxygen facial tool

Oxygen treatments fight against aging skin and age-related pigmentation. Also, for acne-prone skin, they are anti-bacterial and effective in healing and controlling breakouts.

What is important to understand is what the treatment is really doing? Does it stimulate and bring oxygen to the skin or does it use oxygen to infuse ingredients into the skin? At SkinTrust, we have both because they each serve different purposes in maintaining healthy skin.

Oxygen Facial Offer

The treatment we are featuring this month - Circadia Oxy Facial, stimulates oxygen and provides all the benefits in a controlled way. It uses magnesium peroxide to do this.

This treatment is extremely nourishing & beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It lightens & brightens, provides essential nutrients, and can also reduce the appearance of rosacea or redness in your skin. And it is excellent to eliminate the bacteria associated with acne. A controlled amount of oxygen is generated on the skin to provide maximum benefits. The exfoliation and mask are customized to your skin type.

Be careful of treatments that use hydrogen peroxide because that can cause oxidative stress which increases free radical damage leading to premature aging.

If your skin is healthy an occasional Oxy Facial will keep it in great shape. If you have breakout or acne-prone skin, a series of Oxy Facials really help heal and prevent further breakouts.

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